Learning by Experience

The Go-Lab Project (Global Online Science Labs for Inquiry Learning at School) opens up online science laboratories/ remote and virtual labs for the large-scale use in education. Its technical framework – the Go-Lab Portal - offers students the opportunity to perform personalized scientific experiments with online labs, whereas teachers may enrich their classroom activities with demonstrations and disseminate best practices in a web-based pedagogic community.

The Go-Lab Project is interesting for you (not only) if ...

As a teacher, you may integrate live demonstrations and experiments conducted with remote and virtual labs in your regular classroom activities. Our solution ensures that your students can use advanced scientific instruments in the classroom, that you can provide students with the necessary support for their inquiry process and you are enabled to adapt this experience to your own situation. Further, you may share your best practices and methodologies as well as provide and get support in a pedagogic community, which is a part of the Go-Lab Portal.
As a lab-owner (scientific organization, university or research institution, you may bring online real experiments conducted in your laboratory and create a virtual community stimulating dialog between scientists, instructors, students, and other stakeholders, thus, increasing visibility and attraction of your lab. This innovative approach will also bring scientific experiments at a new level allowing conducting remote studies involving multiple participants (e.g. international research teams).
As a student, you may get an access to scientific instruments (remote and virtual laboratories) and use them for your investigations, for example, to control a telescope remotely and to make pictures of space objects – galaxies and planets. You may access research data and archives, use advanced tools for data acquisition and analysis, and support communication on scientific topics. We hope to encourage you to experience the culture of doing science and to do science yourself by undertaking active guided experimentation carried out on our top-level scientific facilities.