Go-Lab Portal

The Go-Lab Portal represents the technical framework of the Go-Lab Project. It offers science teachers and their students the opportunity to conduct personalized scientific experiments with help of numerous innovative teaching tools and resources. The Go-Lab Portal enables school teachers to find appropriate online labs and supportive inquiry learning apps and to assemble the selected tools in customizable Inquiry Learning Spaces (ILSs) structured according to the phases of the Inquiry Learning Cycle. Furthermore, there is the possibility to adapt already available ILSs according to the teacher’s own lesson plan, and to share the ILSs with the students to be used in the classroom.

Each of these online laboratories and Inquiry Learning Spaces relates to one or several Big Ideas of Science. These are cross-cutting scientific concepts, which describe the world around us and are used to deliver an understandable connection between the different science topics the students are taught at school. When selecting an online lab or ILS, teachers can see which Big Ideas are referring to it. The other way round, after having chosen a Big Idea of Science, corresponding online labs are displayed and teachers can start creating their ILS based on this idea.

Due to the ILS structure and supportive applications, the students are guided through the inquiry process being assisted in preparing experiments, formulating research questions and hypotheses, conducting experiments, analyzing results, and drawing conclusions.

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