Inquiry Apps

In order to support successful achievement of the set learning goals by the students, the Go-Lab Repository offers a large selection of inquiry learning scaffolds, which are web-based software applications (in short: apps) supporting specific inquiry learning activities. These apps can be integrated in an Inquiry Learning Space (ILS) together with online labs and other learning resources to make the students understand the inquiry process more easily and to support them in preparing and conducting the experiments.

There are six kinds of apps: Go-Lab inquiry apps (supporting specific inquiry learning activities), general apps (like wiki, calendar, etc.), learning analytics apps (assisting teachers in monitoring each student’s progresses), collaboration apps, math related support apps, and domain specific apps (which only refer to specific subjects, like, for example, the app Periodic Table). The apps support different phases of the inquiry learning process and can be easily found in the Go-Lab Repository.

A good example of a Go-Lab inquiry learning app is the Experiment Design Tool. It supports planning of scientific experiments by the students and recording of the results obtained in course of an experiment. That means, students define diverse experiment designs from the given set of properties and measures and enter the values observed from the corresponding experimental trials.

The Experiment Design Tool

Importantly, all apps can be configured by the teacher while creating an Inquiry Learning Space. This means, the teacher can use the same app in different subject domains and for different activities. In the example above, the teacher can set, for example, different pre-defined properties and measures, as well as change the range of possible values and units that can later be used by the students.

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