Our Objectives

The Go-Lab Project aims at:

1.) Creating a pedagogical framework for inquiry learning with online labs. This framework encompasses an inquiry processes structure, and for each inquiry process a selection and specification of cognitive scaffolds. Scaffolds can be defined as part of the Go-Lab online learning spaces or as activities of a teacher or a peer. Together, these are included in a set of concrete inquiry classroom scenarios in which Go-Lab online labs play a pivotal role.

2.) Building the Go-Lab federation of online labs. The Go-Lab initiative aims to create a pool of online labs providing access to a large set of remote science laboratories. The project partners have been developing and testing innovative applications emulating real scientific work for many years. By using such online labs students are supported in understanding scientific aspects of the world around and taking decisions about the applications of science.

3.) Providing one-click access to online labs and personalization facilities. The Go-Lab Portal is a unique gateway to online labs providing services to easily plug-in and share online labs by the lab-owners, as well as services to integrate additional features such as learning analytics, scaffolding, and booking. Personalization features and inquiry apps are designed taking into account learning preferences, competence levels, subject domains, and contexts. An app composer is offered to teachers to design personalized user interfaces according to their teaching goals.

4.) Building a Community. Go-Lab involves teachers, students, and researchers in collaborative learning activities by creating a comprehensive open learning network. In this way it is expected to extend the dialogue between scientists and the educational community, enforce the collaboration between schools and research organizations, and help young people to acquire better understanding of the role of science in the society.