Which benefits does Go-Lab offer?

Students get an access to scientific instruments and use them for their investigations by undertaking active guided experimentation carried out on top-level scientific facilities Go-Lab offers. They may also access research data and archives, use advanced tools for data acquisition and analysis, as well as facilities to support communication on scientific topics.

Teachers may integrate live demonstrations and experiments conducted with remote and virtual labs in their regular classroom activities providing students with the necessary support for their inquiry process and adapting this experience to particular learning situation. Further, teachers can share their best practices and methodologies as well as provide and get support in a pedagogic community.

Lab-owners (scientific organizations, universities, research institutions or commercial companies) can bring real experiments into the web and create a virtual community stimulating dialog between scientists, instructors, students, and other stakeholders, thus, increasing visibility and attraction of their labs. This innovative approach also brings scientific experiments at a new level allowing conducting remote studies in international teams.