Together with project external partners, Go-Lab organises workshops and events in many European countries targeting primarily school teachers, but also scientific organisations and researchers interested in providing or using online labs, in order to introduce the use of virtual experimentations and remote laboratories as well as inquiry-based science teaching techniques to support regular classroom activities.

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05.10.2015 to 09.10.2015
A Go-Lab workshop is planned to be held in scope of the Universe Awareness International Workshop 2015 ( UNAWE ), 5 – 9 October, 2015, in Leiden, the Netherlands. The main topic of the UNAWE is the... read more
12.07.2015 to 17.07.2015
Go-Lab Summer School 2015 in Greece The third Go-Lab Summer School will be carried out in Attica Greece, from 12 th to 17 th July 2015. The course’s main objective is to introduce teachers to the use... read more